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This survey is optional. We often have products in different shades or scents and can select the best product to suit your preferences if you complete the survey. Please note - some months we do not have product variations so all boxes will then be the same, and we will not always be able to personalise your box to suit your preferences but we will do whenever possible.

In which age group do you fit?

How would you best describe your skin type?

How would you best describe your skin tone?

We don't include foundation or concealer products in Little-Known Box, or products that require an exact shade match. From time to time we might have a choice of shades to suit different skin types, for products such as self tan, pressed powder or blusher.

Do you have any skincare concerns?

How would you describe your hair colour?

How would you describe your hair type?

Do you have any hair concerns?

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Which lip colours do you prefer?

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Are you interested in receiving perfume samples?

Which scents do you prefer?

Where do you usually purchase your beauty products?

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What is most important to you when selecting beauty products?

Why are you most interested in Little-Known Box?

Which product types are you most interested in receiving?

Please select at least 3 in order for your preferences to be taken into account.

Which product type are you least interested in receiving?

If you could exclude 1 product type from your box, which would it be.

Would you be interested in themed Limited Edition Boxes?

From time to time we may offer themed Limited Edition boxes, in addition to our monthly boxes.

Is there anything else you want us to know?

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